“New World Guardians” – an NFT project for people who want to make the world a better place.
We use the power of new Web3 technologies to build a true social platform while generating
donations in a secure and transparent way.
Become part of this revolutionary positive movement. By purchasing an NFT, you enable
the expansion of our social platform and support the aid projects presented here.

Information about NFTs and Web3 can be found in our FAQs.



€ 250.000

Already donated

Not only safe, but also transparent. Follow every transaction on the blockchain and experience firsthand the people and projects your donations support.

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Each year a new NFT collection, a new Guardian, is released. The maximum is 10 NFT collections = 8888 NFTs and the sales of our NFTs benefits the steady expansion of the New World Guardians platform and supports the aid projects presented here. Our aid projects are handpicked: Behind every project there are people who actively help and create value for our society with a great deal of joy and dedication.

Payment in Ether (ETH) and by credit card possible.

If you are interested in NFT bundles including 5 – 100 NFTs for special conditions, simply write a short e-mail to with the subject NFT bundles.


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In a loving environment, turtles, other reptiles, parrots and wild animals in need are given a second chance and their right to a life appropriate to their species.


Kleines Knöpflein

By providing clothes for premature babies, sewn with great dedication, free of charge, parents are relieved of at least one worry and their offspring can start life comfortably.


Lobby 4 Kids

The Children’s Lobby gives dedicated supports to caregivers of children with disabilities or chronic illnesses with concerns and advocates for families to make improvements “in the system.”

Children of the Mountain School

Children of the Mountain

With the tireless construction of schools and kindergartens, children in the Nepalese mountain regions are given a first step towards a better future.


Heart for Africa

A hospital in Nigeria is being actively supported in the training and further education of health personnel, in the field of aromatherapy, as well as in the provision of the necessary resources.


One Heart Umunohu

Through sponsorships, children from the poorest families, orphans and children with disabilities, are able to attend school in Nigeria.



100% privacy protection according to our privacy policy. No purchase, NFT or otherwise, necessary.

Donation Goals


6,000 € per NFT collection: Support for maintenance costs (such as supplies and food for the animals)

1st Drop

6,000 €

Kleines Knöpflein

6,000 € per NFT collection: Support for maintenance costs (such as office supplies and materials)

1st Drop

6,000 €

6,000 € per NFT collection: Support for maintenance costs (such as office supplies and staff)

1st Drop

6,000 €

Children of the mountain (nepal)

10,000 € for the planning phase: The overall goal is to fund the first NEW WORLD GUARDIANS school in Nepal

1st Drop

1st NFT collection

10,000 € for the planning phase and construction costs

2nd NFT collection

20,000 € Start of construction work

3rd NFT collection

20,000 € for the construction phase

4th NFT collection

15,000 € for the completion of the NEW WORLD GUARDIAN School

Heart for Afrika (Nigeria)

10,000 € annually. Support of further education and training for hospital personnel and resource provision

1st Drop

10,000 €


3,000 € per NFT collection: This enables children to attend school, starting with 30 up to a total of 120 sponsorships.

1st Drop

3,000 €

ROADMAP - Social Platform

With the generated revenues, which do not go into the donation pot, the “Guardians” platform will be further expanded step by step in order to be able to support people in need even better.

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1st Guardian

20% of all sales go directly to our charity projects + 25% of the royalties
Our community experiences firsthand the positive impact that they make with the purchase of our NFTs.
Every person is part of the solution.

New World Guardians - Logo

2nd Guardian

Guardian Shop

10% of all sales go into the donation pot.
5% will go to our NFT holders in the form of goodies. 
The integrity and team spirit is strengthened.
New World Guardians becomes a unique and holistic brand.

New World Guardians - Logo

3rd Guardian

Focus on raising awareness on the Guardian Shop

Creative marketing campaigns will engage a wide audience 
and further build our strong community. 

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4th Guardian

Launch of the Marketplace / Give away to needy / 2nd Hand Shop

A platform is created where people can support each other by selling second-hand goods.
Because what is more ecological than 2nd hand?
🥰 Here, also, donations are generated and a sense of togetherness gets enhanced.

New World Guardians - Logo

5th Guardian

Launch of the New World Guardians platform

The heart of our project finds its beginning here. A place is created where people can network with each other to achieve positive change together. People can create their own profiles and social associations and organizations get the chance to draw attention to themselves.

New World Guardians - Logo

6th Guardian

Extension of the New World Guardians platform

New opportunities make it easier for our growing community to do good together. People are connected based on different indicators to implement their own social projects. Not only NFT owners, but everyone can become part of a big positive movement.

New World Guardians - Logo

7th Guardian

Interest groups and guided groups for vulnerable people

Here, an anonymous and location-independent drop-in center for people in need will be created – professional therapists will be funded by community revenue, and a place where positive interest groups can meet will be built.

New World Guardians - Logo

And that's just the beginning 🙌

3 more collections and more great benefits for our Guardians will follow

BENEFITS for NFT owners

Special NFT Comic - Edition

In the form of a highly limited comic book series, the exciting missions of the Guardians are captured. Each comic page can then be auctioned off as an exclusive NFT by NEW WORLD GUARDIANS NFT owners. As a highlight, first-time owners will receive a print edition of the complete comic.

Support for social projects

With the initial purchase of the NFTs, 20% of the purchase price goes directly to our aid projects visible on the website. When a NEW WORLD GUARDIANS NFT is resold, 25% of the royalties also go into this donation pot, used for social projects.


As a NEW WORLD GUARDIANS NFT owner, one is assured of a Special Edition NFT. This NFT can only be transferred if there is a NEW WORLD GUARDIANS NFT in the Wallet at the time of the airdrop. The airdrop will be announced in advance on the website and on the Discord Channel.

exclusive benefits for all GUARDIANS

The owners of a NEW WORLD GUARDIANS NFT will also receive ongoing benefits. For example, discounts are given in the Guardian shop, which is already planned for the 2nd NFT collection.

exclusive NFT exploitation rights

Upon full payment, each NEW WORLD GUARDIANS NFT owner will receive an exclusive, worldwide, perpetual license to use the NFT. More detailed information on this can be found in the Terms.

You are a visionary

And already realized the power that Web3 technologies brings to the artistic, social, and environmental realms. We are still at the very beginning of something very big.

SneAk Peek of the Comic & Our first Sponsorchild Jessica


Every Guardian stands 100% behind the supported projects and accompanies these aid projects not only in a photo. They live our values and share our vision for a better, self-determined future. The first Guardian is the, on all levels of being, beautiful Miss Slovakia 2019, Frederika Kurtulikova. As the second Guardian, singer and songwriter Cesár Sampson stands in front of the camera.

The NFT collections are divided into 3 categories,
with many different looks and colorful backgrounds that make each NFT unique.

In addition, individual features of the outfits (accessories/ hairstyles/ etc.) ensure that our NFTs gain different ratings on the secondary market, which makes trading the NFTs even more attractive.

1st category (50 images) UNIQUE GUARDIANs

#011 - #020 // Maasai School in Tansania

According to UNESCO estimates, around 260 million children and young people worldwide do not attend school. The right to education is one of the enshrined human rights (Article 26).

#041 - #050 // Serengeti – Wildlife

More than 125,000 animals are killed for trophies each year. The most coveted animals are the Big Five (elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion and leopard).



Payment in Ether (ETH) and by credit card possible.

If you are interested in NFT bundles including 5 – 100 NFTs for special conditions, simply write a short e-mail to with the subject NFT bundles.

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Our world is

peaceful & compassionate.

100% privacy protection according to our privacy policy. No purchase, NFT or otherwise, necessary.


NFT stands for non-fungible token. A token is a digitalized asset, for instance, a work of (digital) art, concert tickets, etc. By purchasing an NFT, one acquires a virtual certificate of ownership, which is stored on the blockchain and thus forgery-proof and unique. The buyer thereby secures rights to the digital image and can also resell his acquired share at will. Blockchain technology guarantees that all information relating to previous transactions is recorded and immutable. NFTs are not classified as investment products and can be very volatile.

A drop is the time of the launch or the publication of the NFT collection.

The first NFT collection is now on sale in form of NFT bundles. The collection is strictly limited to 888 pieces.

It is technology that can be viewed as a decentralized global database, in which ownership can be assigned. In the blockchain, like on a “chain”, information and transactions are added in chronological order, and as soon as a certain limit of entries is reached, they are sealed and a “block” is created. Once this has been digitally stored, a new block can be created. After each of these processes, the blocks are threaded onto a tightly connected chain. The blockchain is decentralized and is therefore not connected with states or banks; nevertheless, it is stored at the highest security standard through a global network of computers.

The term “to mint” comes from real-world coin making. Gold and silver are “minted” into circulation coins. In the crypto context, minting refers to the process of creating tokens from digital assets. The tokens are then registered, so to speak, and the digital art becomes part of the blockchain. As a result, they are unalterable, forgery-proof and can be put into circulation after this process.

Someone who wants to become an owner of an already minted NFT can buy these from people willing to sell, on platforms like OpenSea.

The initial price of an NFT remains at USD 450,- paid in Ether (the second largest cryptocurrency). If you are interested in NFT bundles including 5 – 100 NFTs for special conditions, simply write a short e-mail to with the subject NFT bundles. Be sure to do this before the 4th of April. The exact ETH price depends on the development of Ether. In addition, the mint process incurs a so-called gas fee (comparable to a transaction fee), which must be paid to the Ethereum network. New World Guardians has no influence on the amount of this fee. You can buy ETH on any crypto exchange but you also can pay with credit card. 

The NFTs are assigned randomly. So chance decides how common or rare the properties of your NFT are.
Your NEW WORLD GUARDIANS NFT will appear on any ETH address or digital wallet that you use to purchase the NFT. You can see your freshly minted NFT directly in your digital wallet. You can transfer it to other wallets or to a marketplace in order to sell or show your NFT.
This NFT not only makes you a “Guardian”, but also provides many other benefits, that are presented on our website.

20% of the total price is used for the aid projects presented on the website and 80% is used to cover costs and further expand the NWG platform. The quoted purchase price also includes 20% VAT, which is paid to the tax office in Austria.

An NFT wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that supports the blockchain protocol on which NFTs are built. It must also support the currency you use to buy NFTs. Having a wallet gives you an Ethereum address (for example, ox55E….Aff9), and this is where your NFT will be stored.

There are some good digital wallet providers out there. One of them is Metamask:

Go to and click on “Download”. Choose your preferred browser or mobile application and install MetaMask, then follow all the next steps. MetaMask supports iOS and Android apps, as well as Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Edge browser extensions.

Here is a detailed video on how to create your MetaMask wallet: Getting Started with MetaMask.

An NFT “whitelist” is a spot reserved for someone (usually someone loyal or highly committed to a project) to mint an NFT prior to public sale. The whitelist often decides who is allowed to mint an NFT in a project with high demand. Whitelisted spots are limited and essentially guarantee an NFT.

This whitelist minting period typically occurs at a specific time in order to avoid gas wars. Gas are transaction fees that are required because a miner needs to verify every transaction. “Gaswars” occur when a large number of people attempt to mint (purchase an NFT) at the same time, driving up the price.


An airdrop is a distribution of cryptocurrency, tokens, or NFTs sent to a Web3 wallet address for free. This measure can serve as a promotion or added value for participating in an experience or purchasing a digital asset. Airdrops are generally used to add value or draw attention to a brand or experience.

Yes, all 888 NFTs will be minted. 15-20 NFTs are minted for the use within the company and for various marketing purposes, the rest is available for the public mint. The price per NFT is stated on the website. These 15-20 NFTs will not be deducted from the heavily discounted NFTs, this discount will only benefit early collectors. The quantity of free NFTs is deducted from the total of NFTs that is sold without a discount

Please note that NEW WORLD GUARDIANS NFTs are sold only through and Always check the correct URL of the platform to make sure that it is not a fake website.

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