“New World Guardians” – an NFT project for those who want to change the world.

Blockchain meets social impact

With our project New World Guardians we bring together art, technology and charity in the form of NFTs. 

By purchasing an NFT, you can declare the digital ownership of your piece of digital art while at the same time supporting projects that make the world a better place to live in. 

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More importantly you’ll also have the chance to partake in our sweepstakes (exclusive to our close friends) where you will have the chance to win one of our highly sought-after whitelist spots.

Support for social projects

Exclusive NFT exploitation rights
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Special NFT comic-edition

Exclusive Benefits for NFT Holders


The heads behind our aid projects work tirelessly to help those who can’t help themselves. 

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Track your donations anytime

We generate donations for social projects that are transparent, traceable, and secure to build a strong community of New World Guardians – because only together we can achieve a positive change.

Get to know our guardians

Want to know more about the team behind the New World Guardians? 
Together we change the world with digital art.

Roadmap - the holistic path

With the generated revenues, which do not go into the donation pot, the “Guardians” platform will be further expanded step by step in order to be able to support people in need even better.

Learn more about the roadmap.

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Frequently Asked Questions

New World Guardians is the name of an NFT collection created by Anja Grundböck. Her ambition with the project is to build a community around her social and ethical believes. By owning a Guardian NFT, you immediately become part of the New World Guardians community.

Our first NFT collection will be available on 01/NOV/2022. It will be strictly limited to 888 pieces. Sign up for our mailing list so you don’t miss it.

Each quarter, a new Guardian NFT will be dropped. Beforehand, the social projects that will benefit from the drop will be named.

20% of the generated sales go directly to the social projects. In addition to that, 25% of the royalties generated by all further trades will also go directly into the donation pot.

Each of our strictly limited, quarterly NFT drops benefits social projects that are announced in advance. 

20% of the generated sales go directly to the social projects. 25% of the royalties generated by all further trades will also go directly into the donation pot.

Here are a few of our supported charities:


In a loving environment, turtles, parrots, and other reptiles are given a second chance. Because also those without a voice have a right to a species-appropriate life.

Kleines Knöpflein

By providing clothes for premature babies, sewn with great dedication, free of charge, parents are relieved of at least one worry and their offspring can start life comfortably.


Lobby4Kids brings families and special initiatives together to raise the public awareness and to create a network so that no child is left behind. Especially when it comes to children with disabilities or chronic illnesses, caregivers often no longer have the strength to achieve improvements “in the system”. The children’s lobby takes care of these concerns and supports these children and families.

Children of the Mountains

The association “Children of the Mountains Austria” is an independent non-profit organization with the aim of building safe schools and kindergartens for children in the poorest mountain regions of Nepal in order to offer them basic education and future opportunities. Furthermore, “Children of the Mountains Austria” provides students with necessary school supplies, clothing, and books.

Heart for Africa

A hospital in Nigeria is being actively supported in the training and further education of health personnel, in the field of aromatherapy, as well as in the provision of the necessary resources.

One Heart Umunohu

Children from the poorest families, orphans, and children with disabilities can attend school in Nigeria through sponsorships. Education is key in the fight against poverty and misery and is the basis for any development. Around 100 million children worldwide have no opportunity to visit a school because their families are too poor. One Heart does not want to let these children down.

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Our goal is to help others while enjoying exceptional art and, at the same time, growing as human beings.

We strive for 100% transparency. All our beneficiaries are announced in advance of each drop. All transactions can be retraced on the blockchain, making foul play impossible.

A drop is the time of the launch or the publication of the NFT collection.

Our first NFT collection will be available on 01/NOV/2022. It will be strictly limited to 888 pieces.

The term “to mint” comes from real-world coin making. Gold and silver are “minted” into circulation coins. In the crypto context, minting refers to the process of creating tokens from digital assets. The tokens are then registered, so to speak, and the digital art becomes part of the blockchain. As a result, they are unalterable, forgery-proof and can be put into circulation after this process.

Someone who wants to become an owner of an already minted NFT can buy these from people willing to sell, on platforms like OpenSea.

An NFT “whitelist” is a spot reserved for someone (usually someone loyal or highly committed to a project) to mint an NFT prior to public sale. The whitelist often decides who is allowed to mint an NFT in a project with high demand. Whitelisted spots are limited and essentially guarantee an NFT.

This whitelist minting period typically occurs at a specific time in order to avoid gas wars. Gas are transaction fees that are required because a miner needs to verify every transaction. “Gaswars” occur when a large number of people attempt to mine at the same time, driving up the price.


Our NFTs are futuristic and flashy. But it’s not solely about their looks. Quite the opposite.
Our Mission is to bring together people from around the world that want to make a difference in the lives of others.

They are the true New World Guardians.


Each of our strictly limited, quarterly NFT drops benefits a specific charity that’s announced in advance.

20% of the initial selling price goes to the charity.

In addition to that, 25% of the Creator’s Fee that’s generated with every resale of our NFTs go to our aid projects as well.  


In the long run we want to create a global community that brings together those seeking help and those willing to provide it.
The connections that people will be making through our NFTs and the benefiting charity projects will be truly life changing in many ways.

This is our way of creating positive change.


a photographer from Austria.

My personal and professional focus has long been on highlighting social, economic, and ethical injustices.

When I learned about NFTs I immediately realized their potential to do good in the world.

That’s why I created the New World Guardians.

...and this is my team

Anja Grundboeck NWG Team

Anja Grundböck

Founder,  photographer & NFT Artist

I’ll be the change I wish to see


Web3 Development

Make people smile

Frederika Kurtulikova

1st Guardian – Miss Slovakia 2019

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you and the world will be a beautiful place for everyone


Performance Marketing

There is nothing permanent except change


Crypto Enthusiast & NFT Community Builder

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step


Content Management & Projektmanagment 

Do or do not – there is no try

Laurenz Dullnigg

Video production & editing

I just want a kinder world than this

Markus Putzgruber

Chairman “RespektTurtle”

Je hilfloser ein Lebewesen ist, desto größer ist sein Anrecht auf Schutz vor menschlicher Grausamkeit

Nadja Goritschnig

Founder “Kleines Knöpflein”

Denn kein Mensch wird fehlerfrei geboren

Dr. Irene Promussas

Founder “Lobby4Kids”

Wir drücken keinem Kind einen Stempel auf

Mag.Dr.Emeka Emeakaroha

Founder “One Heart Umunohu”

Jedes Kind hat ein Recht auf Bildung

Ernst Dullnigg

CEO Naturfreunde NÖ, Coordinator “Children of the Mountain”

Live and touch your soul

Andrea Priesner

Founder “Heart for Africa”

Anderen Menschen behilflich zu sein, sich selbst zu helfen.

Das ist DER Gedanke, der mich seit jeher leitet


100% privacy according to our privacy policy. No purchase, NFT or otherwise, necessary.

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