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The Project

78-year-old Johann from southern Vienna lovingly raised four radiated tortoises. He cherished and cared for them, but after many years he reached an age at which he could no longer care for his darlings for health reasons. With a heavy heart he decided to give away his favorites. For a long time he pondered what to do now. Because even in animal shelters, turtles all too often experience terrible care, which he never wanted to allow for his beloved reptiles. After extensive research, he came across RespekTurtle, where they finally got their new home. Johann still comes by regularly to help with the care and to visit his darlings.

And while the world is calling, "You can't save everyone," hope whispers, "Even if it's just one - try!"

What is “RespekTurtle”?

An animal shelter, sanctuary for turtels, other reptiles, parrots & wildlife in need. The farm is unique in Austria and offers animals a second chance!

Turtles have inhabited this planet for 220 million years. They survived the dinosaurs and the Ice Age, but humans, through hunting and inflicted habitat loss, have made it so that within a few decades, 60 percent of all turtle species are threatened with extinction.

RespekTurtle has set itself the goal of educating people about the correct way to keep these animals. But not only that! Every animal has the right to a species-appropriate life.

What’s the problem with domestic animal shelters?

Many of these wonderful creatures also vegetate in domestic gardens and terrariums. Lack of sunlight and poor nutrition lead to deformed shells and chronic diseases. Many of these reptiles do not live, they die a cruel but certain death over a period of years.

Domestic shelters cater to dogs, cats, and rodents, but not reptiles. That’s why RespekTurtle bought a plot of land and built a shelter and sanctuary for turtles and other exotic animals on it. Turtles that are no longer wanted or abandoned will find a survival island appropriate to their species. There are now around 600 animals on this property.

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