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The Project

A few years ago, Emeka Emeakaroha took an Austrian group on a cultural trip to his home village in Nigeria. Near the village there is a quarry – the group visited it together. To their amazement, they found a little ten-year-old girl there. The girl smashed together with her mother laboriously stones with a hammer. The tour group wanted to know why the child had to do such hard labor at her young age. The mother explained that she has seven children and could not afford to have all of her children attend school. The girl, Adisa, so helped her to earn the money so that her siblings could attend school. An Austrian woman then spontaneously decided, to support Adisa and to enable her to attend school through sponsorship with One Heart. This gesture made Adisa so happy that she jumped for joy, hugged the Austrian and her mother was moved to tears. 

"Through this project, I also want to build a bridge between people of different cultures. On the one hand, the contact with the sponsor parents strengthens the children's self-esteem and on the other hand, it is an enrichment for the Austrian sponsor parents to get to know the African culture up close."

What is “One Heart”?

Education is considered the key in the fight against poverty and misery and is the most important prerequisite for any development. But around 100 million children worldwide do not have the opportunity to go to school because their families cannot afford to send them. One Heart does not want to abandon these children.

Children from the poorest families, orphans and disabled children are accepted into the sponsorship program in Nigeria after extensive discussions with Dr. Emeka Emeakaroha, the founder of One Heart.

Education is not only important for the future of the individual in this village, but also plays a central role in eradicating poverty and improving the quality of life of the population.

What does my support do?

The material need in Nigeria makes it impossible for many families to send their children to school. There is no money for school fees, books or school uniforms. Often the children’s labor is also needed for the survival of the family. For millions of children, this means that they often have to work hard even at elementary school age. What chances do such children have for their future? By taking over sponsorships, school attendance is made possible.

Sponsored children receive support for attending the 6-year primary school and the three-year junior and senior secondary schools.

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These children have the same right to education and future as all children of this world and need our help! 🤝Join the New World Guardians community now!


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