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The Project

Erik is 13 years old and has Duchenne muscular dystrophy from birth. It is also called muscle atrophy and unfortunately it is incurable. Monthly, Erik’s parents struggle to make ends meet, as both parents can only work 25 hours a week so they can be with and care for their son. In addition, there are many aids that are needed more and more frequently, as Erik has additionally recently lost his ability to walk due to a fractured tibia. It is always difficult for Erik’s parents to ask for financial help. Lobby4Kids helps here directly with care, access to medicine and government support. They are there for relatives and make their concerns heard. They are there for relatives and make their concerns heard.

The shortcomings of our health care system become unmistakable when it comes to children with special needs.

What is “Lobby4Kids”?

The Children’s Lobby was founded as a self-help group in order to unite various initiatives and organizations in this field and, through joint action, to increase public awareness of the concerns of those affected on the one hand, and to create a network for affected families and from existing organizations on the other.

Children cannot speak for themselves. Parents and caregivers need to voice their concerns and fight for them. Especially in the case of children with disabilities or chronic illnesses, caregivers often no longer have the strength to make improvements. The Children’s Lobby cares about the concerns of these children and families and provides support wherever possible.

Areas of Lobby4Kids’ approach:

  • Individual case support: In the case of major concerns and problems of affected families, telephone support, referral to the right authorities, assistance in the clinic, mediation between affected persons, doctors or authorities.
  • Internet quick help: In case of inquiries from affected persons under individual case histories for e.g. therapy devices, specialists, official tips etc., a circular email goes out immediately to all members of our network. Normally, minor problems are solved within 48 hours. Normally, minor problems are solved within 48 hours.
  • Public relations: Statements on explosive topics, circular e-mails to politicians and health representatives of all parties, formulation of practical concerns with proposed solutions, presentation of the Children’s Lobby at congresses.


The members of Lobby4kids are made up of concerned private individuals as well as other associations or groups. Each of them is in some way a “victim” or has to do with those affected. It is now necessary to sensitize the entire social public for a children’s lobby, so that the rights of children and young people are no longer swept under the table, but are finally given the weight they deserve. Many sustainable successes confirm us on our way and encourage us to continue.


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