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The project!

Nadja and her husband noticed already during pregnancy that their one and only showed great willpower and wanted to see the light of day earlier than usual. Besides all the great things that were already waiting for preemie Liah at home, however, they were surprised to find out that all the clothes were too big! Despite all the loving preparations, they suddenly had no suitable clothes for their little angel. That’s how the idea for “Kleines Knöpflein” came about.

"For the search of suitable garment, you have no thoughts left in such an intense time."

What is “Kleines Knöpflein”?

The association “Kleines Knöpflein” has made it its business to accompany families of premature babies a small part of their way after birth. The team is – like the fabrics – a colorful mix and spread all over Austria.

Nadja and her team sew clothes in the small sizes (44, 46, 48 as well as 50) and send it to families of premature babies just in time for their discharge. They receive their welcome package either delivered directly to their home or even handed over while still in the hospital. Such a welcome package includes bodysuits, rompers, pants, a hood, a jacket and a sleeping bag.

Small clothes as a big help

From personal experience, Nadja knows that families of premature babies have many fears and worries. For example, since there is no special clothing for premature babies to buy, even getting suitable clothing is a very big challenge. Here, “kleines Knöpflein” wants to relieve families of premature babies of at least some of their worries and show them that they are not alone.

Many of the sewers want to make a difference and help people with their hobby and their arts. Often it is simply the fabric remnants that tempt to process them still meaningful. For many, the processing of fabric scraps also helps them to process their own destiny.

NWG Kleines Knoepflein Baby Clothing

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