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The Project

Umunohu, the Nigerian village with 5000 inhabitants in the former Biafra region in the southeast of the country, has long been close to Andrea’s heart. It is the home of their long-time, very good friend, Rev. Emeka Emeakaroha. Through the trips Andrea has made with Emeka to his home country in recent years, she has been able to get to know and love the people and culture, as well as make numerous friends. Inspired by the hospital and the volunteers, who all offer their skills unconditionally, Andrea has found her own approach to help.

I am convinced and could also see it in my time on site that the aromatherapeutic approach with the essential oils is very effective in Nigeria and will certainly bring about many wonderful things in the future.

Aromatherapy in Africa

Every year, technicians, opticians, nurses, midwives, and doctors travel to the hospital, opened in 2009 and built with Austrian donations, to provide their skills to the people of Umunohu and the surrounding areas free of charge. 

In January 2020, Andrea returned to Nigeria and wanted to bring to the hospital something that had been with her for the last several years in her own professional career and had proven to be extremely effective: essential oils.

In psychology studies and especially in clinical internships, the special effect of plant essences was recognized. After numerous trainings and continuing education Andrea developed the desire to bring this complementary medical form of aromatherapy to Africa. Father Emeka was also immediately enthusiastic about this idea and offered to introduce it in his Madonna-Austrian Hospital in Umunohu.

Essential oils for the hospital in Umunohu, Nigeria

Together with the Healing Hands Foundation of doTerra, who also supported the project, it gained the greatest possible publicity in the shortest possible time and, after a year of preparation, the purest, strictly tested, therapeutically effective oils could be delivered to Nigeria. Packed in their luggage: numerous training materials, specialized literature, and Andreas’ knowledge, which they shared with the highly interested and eager-to-learn staff over the next 10 days.

Aromatherapy hand in hand with conventional medicine is more than revolutionary as a new approach and the hospital in Umunohu is thus one of the first outside America to follow this path.

Of course, Andrea continues to accompany the project and the local people and continues to provide the essential oils needed through this follow-up project.

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