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The Project

In 2015, Suman and his little sister lost all their belongings in a massive earthquake in their home village. 8,800 people died that day and over 800,000 homes were destroyed. They had no housing, no infrastructure and no opportunity for education.

Their family lives in very poor conditions and was forced to live in the stable. Like generations before, these children are denied the opportunity for a better life. “Children of the Mountain” and “Naturfreunde” are helping people escape this cycle of poverty.

Suman and his little sister are at home in the mountainous region of Tandrang in the Ghorka district of Nepal.

"My sister would like to be a nurse, and I would like to be a pilot."

What is Children of the Mountains?
“Naturfreunde” and the aid organization “Children of the Mountain” have been tirelessly building earthquake-proof schools in Nepalese mountain regions for years with the help of donations. They also provide students with necessary school supplies, clothing and books. They provide on-site support and training to teachers.
What have we achieved so far?
So far, 16 schools and 30 kindergartens have been built. Over 2000 educational places have been created as a result. Suman is one of the 2,000 children who, thanks to Children of the Mountain, can attend school again and is one step closer to his dream of becoming a pilot.
COTM Nepal Kinder
COTM School Opening

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