One Heart Umunohu

Through sponsorships, children from the poorest families, orphans and children with disabilities, are able to attend school in Nigeria.

Heart for Africa

A hospital in Nigeria is being actively supported in the training and further education of health personnel, in the field of aromatherapy, as well as in the provision of the necessary resources.

Children of the Mountain

With the tireless construction of schools and kindergartens, children in the Nepalese mountain regions are given a first step towards a better future.

Lobby 4 Kids

The Children’s Lobby gives dedicated supports to caregivers of children with disabilities or chronic illnesses with concerns and advocates for families to make improvements “in the system.”

Kleines Knöpflein

By providing clothes for premature babies, sewn with great dedication, free of charge, parents are relieved of at least one worry and their offspring can start life comfortably.


In a loving environment, turtles, other reptiles, parrots and wild animals in need are given a second chance and their right to a life appropriate to their species.